How to Use Effective Communication Skills while Crafting your Online Profile

Whether you were the star town football player or the captain of the debate team in high school, there’s always a small sense of nerves that accompanies you when you meet someone. To worry about what that person will think is only human. Nowadays though, you have the ability to meet someone without shaking hands (well, let’s be honest, that was never a requirement), but to do so online.

We live in a world where online profiles exist and are used as a means to meet people. Whether you have an online profile on a dating website, a professional forum, or a community-based meeting site, these profiles are your representation of yourself. Here are some tips on how to use effective communication skills to portray yourself in a positive light.

Get Excited, Not Nervous

You can be anyone you want online. Of course, we want you to be who you are—don’t change (or lie)! What I’m saying is, you can be as confident as you’d like. No one has to know that you’re writing your online profile in your pajamas at 10 o’clock at night. Go into writing about yourself with a confidence. After all, you’re here to tell people how great you are, not bring up your faults (which we all have, by the way).

Play Up your Interests

Maybe you like to read comic books in the park or go running by the river. Or maybe you like to have movie marathons every weekend or get together with friends every Monday night at a new restaurant. Chances are that there’s at least one other person out there with the same interest(s) as you, who is looking for a new activity partner in crime. Use your effective communication skills here to voice what it is you’d like to do with someone else.

What Haven’t You Done?

Be sure to mention something you’d like to try. Maybe you’re scared to try a new food from a cuisine you aren’t familiar with, or maybe you’ve been dying to explore a new neighborhood to town. Someone else is, too! It’s simply a matter of using your effective communication skills to ask. Who knows, if you include this in your profile you could end up conquering a fear (or in my case, finally tasting squid).

Mention What You Don’t Want

While your online profile certainly isn’t a place for negativity, be upfront about what you expect from the online community. Maybe you want to meet people in your profession to network, maybe you want someone to participate with in your new hobby, or perhaps you’d like a date. Be honest and straightforward about what you expect. This is an advantage of representing yourself online, because really, would you ever shake someone’s hand and immediately say “Would you like to go rock climbing?”

Online profiles are the perfect place to present yourself and your interests appropriately. Using this article you can now incorporate effective communication skills to meet new people online while remaining confident in yourself!

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